The Newsboy Cap’s New Name – Brad Pitt?

Borsalino Newsboy Caps - Men's Borsalino Leather Newsboy Cap - The GiuseppeA New Orleans Times-Picayune article says the “heartthrob humanitarian [that would be Brad Pitt, I’m guessing] and his cap seem to be inseparable.”

He donned a heathered newsboy with jeans and a T-shirt for a recent news conference in New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward. He wore a flat cap with a full-length coat for a walk on the red carpet at the “Beowulf” premiere. He grabbed a gray topper for a bike ride around the French Quarter with Angelina Jolie and the kids.

For interviews on “Larry King Live” and the “Today” show, the cap was back. On the “Charlie Rose” show, there it was again.

Why is the newsboy such a popular look with such an assortment of stars? (Besides Brad Pitt, comedian Dave Chappelle, actors Samuel Jackson and Daniel Craig, rapper Notorious B.I.G. and AC/DC singer Brian Johnson are all touted as examples of newsboy-wearing celebrities).

Perhaps the secret to the cap’s popularity is its many permutations. The eight-panel, also known as the Jay Gatsby, comes with a fuller top and a snap-button closure. The Big Apple is the same hat, only with a more floppy shape. Other models are flatter, sitting lower and tighter on the head.

Other suggestions are that the look is classic and a little retro; it’s got a shape that flatters many faces, and it’s convenient too.

As Diane Feen, editor of Hat Life, put it: “Years ago, our fathers and grandfathers wore hats, and they would take them off and put them on a table or hat rack in places. But today, if you go to the movies or a restaurant, you [don’t] have to worry about where to put it. With this cap, you can fold it and just stick it into your pocket. It’s perfect for today.”

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  1. Hello there:

    Unfortunately, the type of cap that Brad is wearing, at least in the photos that I have seen, is not a newsboy but an ivy or drivers cap. There are no panels or top button on the many published photos of Brad. The cap is a light grey tweed and I must say I have had much difficulty finding it on line. If you want a research photo to reference per this comment I will send it…

  2. Hi there…
    Was interested in finding a site where i might be able to purchase the simular cap brad pitt wears…did you have any luck in finding it your self…Was the grey one

    Thanks for your time


  3. Robert, I did a search too and you’re right. Brad Pitt actually never wears newsboy caps; he seems to be in ivy or driver style caps. However, the cap in the source article (from which I grabbed the headline), could be a newsboy–from the angle the shot was taken, it’s a bit hard to tell.

    Remember too that the general population uses the term ‘newsboy cap’ interchangeably with ivy caps and driver style caps or longshoreman caps; obviously you know your stuff. The article headline (“Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Newsboy cap is back”) obviously would have lost its not very original ‘theme’ if the reference to newsboy cap was changed to ivy cap.

    Perry, I’ve got a few similar caps on my site, one I personally like being a wool ivy from Jonathan Richard. You can view it at:


  4. The actual hat he dons is a Yves Saint Laurent ivy cap, retails for $245 at YSL and can be found on ebay for about 1/2 of that. DON’T BE FOOLED – his hat is a Yves Saint Lauerent and that is that!

  5. I bought the exact hat on ebay for $125.00 with a picture of him wearing it – no difference in anyway whatsoever.

  6. Don, what would you put into the search for the cap on ebay. or is there a link of the actual hat. thanks


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