Status Hat 2008

Although stands by its 2007 statement that “in a traditional consumer society, he or she who consumes the most, the best, the coolest, the most expensive, the scarcest or the most popular goods, will typically also gain the most status“, 2008 will prove the year that redefines how status is to be had. Hint: it won’t be simply “leading a lifestyle centered on hoarding as many branded, luxury goods as possible.”

The reason is simple: we’ve maxed out on nearly every count. We’re experiencing a backlash to abundance and saturation; we’re dominated by new experiences, virtual worlds, individualism, and participation; and we’re guided by feelings of guilt and concern about the side effects of unbridled consumption.

What all this boils down to, of course, is being sensitive in your Persian Lamb Woolen Hat, The Ambassador, from M. Miller Furs. Sure, it’s a classic look that’s never been done better, but the time to sing songs about your hat is not now. When you inevitably receive compliments, the correct tone these days is to talk about its warmth (not its luxuriant plushness nor its glossy dye).

Thank goodness for me. I’ve been far too busy til now to get with the 2007 program, so shall be happily (and very conspicuously) consuming for all I’m worth.

Thanks for reading,
Steve (Better Late Than Never) Singer
CEO Hartford York

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