The Belle Hat

Women's Fur Felt Hat - The Helen Kaminski Velour ClocheIn her article, Cloche Call, Leanne Delap writes:

“Cloches…add an illusion of height; the bell shape (hence the name) also works best on a smaller head.” Apparently, Ms. Delap is unable to wear the style due to the exaggerated proportions of her skull, a sad state of affairs, I think you’ll agree.

She then goes on to talk about the rise of the modern cloche, saying that “the look was born in the twenties, in the millinery shops attached to the then-great couture houses of Paris. Meant to be worn low on the brow, the wearer had to look down her nose, lending an air of snootiness to the look.”

You know, you gals have all the fun sometimes. I’d love to look down my nose (although actually that sounds a bit gross, if you know what I mean)–but I’d probably trip, fall and break my beak, or else I’d let a laugh-fueled snort blow–either way, ruining any chance at snootiness.

Work that cloche, you snooty thang!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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