Hat Collections Make More Than Cents

Men's Hats - Makins Fur Felt/Leather Braid Fedora - The Bronx FedoraFrugal For Life blog owner, Donna C, talks about the The Value of Collecting in a recent post, saying that there is a kind of non-monetary value in collections that can be rather priceless. I’m sure the term ‘sentimental value’ springs to mind, but it needn’t be a maudlin emotion.

If a collection of comic books, great art, or hats simply makes you happy (whether by the acquisition process and/or through actual use of the articles) then the collection is of value to you.

By the way, if you want to make an absolute killing on an old hat, place it in a classy box frame with black and white handbills, photos and other memorabilia-type papers scattered artistically round it. Sell it on ebay for a cool grand, send me my 30%, and we’re even.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer, Hat Collector and
Very Frugal CEO of Hartford York

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