Hats Are So Much More Than Headwear

Straw Hats at Hartford York Hats - Men's Colonel Littleton Woven Straw Panama Hat - The Lynnville PanamaThere’s a great article called Here and There: Papa’s Straw Hat Was A Utility Tool that shows how much hats can be part of someone’s life and even identity.

Evelyn Richardson writes about her father’s faithful hat, the hat he used to not just to shade his face from the broiling sun as he worked in corn and tobacco and hay fields, but also as a cooling fan and even an egg and baby rabbit holder, and as an extension of his arms when herding cattle or shooing chickens.

She says

His straw hat wasn’t much to look at. A new one became conditioned pretty quickly. The inside leather band was soaked with sweat and the discoloration oozed through to the outside. Dust settled in the greasy ring to make it even more noticeable. My mother gave orders for him not to lay it on the clean white counterpane.

No matter its condition, she still liked putting on her dad’s hat and to this day, when she pictures him, “he has on his straw hat, pushed back with a little of his white upper forehead visible under the brim.”

Thanks for the memories, Ms. Richardson.

And thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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