Sequins on Your Trapper Hat

Trapper Hats from Hartford York Hats - Women's Winter Hat - Wigens Leather Trooper Hat - The BetsyOn her blog, Style Bubble, Susie Bubble bemoans the fact that so much cold weather headwear is confined to simple hat shapes like berets and watch caps (beanies, she says, don’t count), and she’d love to see other shapes.

Such as?

Well, top hats are mentioned (small and perched on the side of your head) as are bowlers (play up the Chaplin associations and wear with satin lapelled blazer, t-shirt but contrast with black skinnies), and then she touts the trapper, a great winter hat with the same silhouette as a trooper or bomber.

The trapper that caught Susie’s eye was shiny: of it she said, I sort of secretly liked the clash of impractical sequins and the practical outdoors shape.

OK, the trooper pictured here doesn’t have sequins, but the dainty embroidery and use of sinewy lambs wool to frame a pretty face is (doesn’t always have to be mine) is, I think, completely beguiling for the same reason – the play between the delicacy of the trim, the practical durability of the leather, and the expected bite of cold temperatures.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

If you’re shivering just reading this post (seems to happen frequently, by the way) get better soon, and then get free updates by email or RSS.


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  1. Dear CEO Singer,

    I enjoy reading your articles and sometimes use them on my blog Hatastic! I hope that’s OK. I don’t have very many readers yet, but I’m working on it.

  2. Thanks very much for letting me know, Miss Janey. I visited your Hatastic blog and think it’s a lot of fun.

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