Top 3 Hat Misconceptions

Classic Hats from Hartford York Hats - Kaminski Hand Woven Raffia Sun Hat - The MarsellaThis little list won’t change beliefs, but I’m determined to put it out there nonetheless. Fight me if you must.

1. Hats Are For Old People

I think this mistaken belief has been pretty well disproved by the young celebrities who are consistently photographed wearing hats of all shapes and styles. From Johnny Depp and the Olsen twins to Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake, fedoras, porkpies and cowboy hats have made a huge mainstream comeback.

Don’t get me wrong: hats are for old people too. Willy Nelson just looks so much better in his western hats than bareheaded – and, although he’ll never be a truly attractive fella, Billy Joel‘s new album cover shows him quite presentable in his stingy brim.

2. Regular People Don’t Wear Hats

Look around next time you’re at the beach, ball game or when you’re going fishing. These are “regular people” activities, and it’s likely that a large percentage of those around you are in hats. Once people are comfortable in summer hats and ball caps, it’s just a matter of time before they graduate to a more sophisticated look and incorporate headwear into their work-a-day lives.

3. Hats Go Out Of Style Too Quickly

Oh well, you got me there! I’m kidding of course–hats have been around as long as people, and styles haven’t changed all that much. The cloche comes to mind as a modern spin on a medieval concept. For over a hundred years, we’ve had the cowboy and western hats in pretty much the same mode; the fedora and bowler haven’t changed silhouettes, nor has the walking hat deviated from its roots.

If you’ve got a classic hat, well-made and cared for, it’s timeless (sort of like me).

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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  1. The biggest misnomer is that hats are not part of mainstream culture. Hats are the reason that I do not need Botox or Lasar wrinkle treatments – and hats are the reason that sane woman do not get skin cancer on their faces.
    It’s about time people knew that Hats are a friend of the people, not the enemy. Many celebrities wear hats to look good, others have learned that hats are the fountain of youth for a woman’s skin.
    I must admit, a business consultant to one of the newspapers I write for recently said, “You are strange and you wear funny looking hats,” but I do not care. I know that my skin looks better than most women my age and that hats are a wonderful antidote to old age – and a barometer of individuality.
    As Casey Bush always said, “Wear a hat on your head and a smile on your face and the world will be a wonderful place.”
    Kudos to all hat wearers – pooh pooh on all those bloggers who say that hats are goofy looking and not “cool.” Cool is as cool does.
    And I think I’m kinda cool, in a vintage way.
    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.
    Diane Feen
    Hat Life editor

  2. Rah and cheers to you Diane! Thanks for playing. You’re very smooth, you know.

    Steve Singer

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