Panama Hats Through the Ages

Panama Hats from Hartford York Hats - Brent Black - Montecristi Panama - The $10K MontecristiHilary Alexander of Britain’s Telegraph, looks into (what she calls) the new fashion craze behind the Panama hat.

While she concedes that “Justin Timberlake, George Clooney, Pete Doherty and even, perish the thought, Britney Spears, may favour the [fedora]”, the fashionable man at England’s famed summer race meeting on the Duke of Richmond’s estate in West Sussex, will be seen in just one hat: The Panama.

Battered, borrowed or band-box fresh from cardboard tubes where they conveniently roll-up for traveling,the ubiquitous Panama is the hat of choice.

One event attendee confessed that his panama hat was “probably twenty or thirty years old“. Despite the hat’s age, Alexander says “it still looked smart.”

So you see what a bargain the $10K Montecristi Panama is? Buy it today, and you’ll still be looking good in 2037.


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