Should Women Remove Unisex Hats for National Anthem?

Baseball Caps from Hartford York Hats - Stacy Adams Leather Ball Cap - The MonroeShort answer: no.

But that’s just my opinion, and the debate simmers in stadiums across the country.

Men, of course, are required by federal law to remove their hats during the national anthem (unless they’re in uniform). Look it up: U.S. Code, Title 36, Section 30. Nothing there about women.

One editorial on the subject concludes: “However, if you’re wearing some sort of unisex hat, like a baseball cap or a cowboy hat, I think the proper thing for a lady to do is take her hat off and hold it over the heart until it’s time to play ball.”

I don’t agree. Men still tend to go by general rules of doffing their hats or at least momentarily touching them in greeting. This polite gesture was never incorporated by the female hat-wearer. Similarly, women did not follow suit when men almost always removed their hats upon entering a building (the usual reason now given is that women’s hats were deemed part of the actual outfit, intricately secured by pins, and should only be removed when the lady’s coiffure could be repaired).

The reason behind the behaviors don’t really matter here. What matters is the hundreds of years of tradition behind who takes off what, where and when.

Thus, the suggestion that women remove their hats, unisex or otherwise, during the playing of the national anthem is simply a nonsensical imposition of a long-standing male tradition upon today’s woman.

(and I’ll tell ya right here and now, my little lady won’t stand for it, and I can’t either!)

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer, Uber Feminist
CEO Hartford York

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