How Much Do You Love Your Hat?

Straw Hats from Hartford York Hats - Men's Colonel Littleton Woven Straw Panama Summer Hat - The Lynnville PanamaI’m not one to doubt the claims made at, such as:

One in 264 parents say they love their pets more than their children.

(As a matter of fact, I think some of those parents might have been lying.)

Anyway, the statement made me wonder as to the importance of hats to those who love them. More important than socks, surely. Slightly above ties and watches, I’d hazard to guess. Food? (Depends if there’s dessert).

And what about how women rate the importance of their hats vis-a-vis men? Do men love their hats more than women love theirs, or is it vice versa? Do men love hats more than they love women?


Is it possible that women love their hats more than they love ME? (I mean, men–more than they love MEN.)

Perfectly understandable, and all that, but still. I think I need a bit of a lie down now. With me hat.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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  1. Quote from a friend:
    “A hat on a man is to a woman as lingerie on a woman is to a man.”

    When will the guys finally GET it?

  2. I’m here in my lingerie, err, my hat, Jill. And I’m sure that quote is quite right – it’s just hard for me to concentrate…

    Steve Singer

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