Father’s Day Approacheth: Try A Hat This Year

Panama Straw Hats from Hartford York Hats - Brent Black - Montecristi Panama - The $10K MontecristiThe third Sunday of June is Father’s Day (June 17 to be exact this year), and for those of you scrambling for a gift idea that’s slightly more exciting than another Snoopy tie (and you know how much I love Peanuts!), why not get the man a hat?

You don’t have to break the bank, of course, with something uber extravagant like The $10K Montecristi Panama (although I’m guessing it’s likely pay-back time for all the grey hairs you gave the old man). No, you can choose one of the more affordable Montecristi Panama hats–it’s the same hat, the difference being in the fineness of the weave (and the number of years it’ll take you to pay it off).

If you just need some more time to save your pennies before getting Dad a little something, might I suggest taking up residency in Estonia or Finland, perhaps? Father’s Day in those countries isn’t till November, you see.

Bon voyage!
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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