Excuse Me, But Is Your Hat Twisted?

Borsalino Caps from Hartford York Hats - Men's Borsalino Wool Newsboy Cap - The Super MarioMen wear suits all year long, and not all opt for the more casual look of linen–no matter the season. Same with hats–some guys just prefer wool to straw or linen.

But in summer?

If wearing wool in summer confuses the heck out of you, you’re not alone. The site that promotes higher education (SoYouWanna.com) has an article all about types of fabrics used for suits; the pros and cons of non-wools vs wools; how to choose a wool appropriate for summer wear etc., and I’ve taken careful notes.

[Worsted wools] will be your gabardines or mid-weight corded wools. They are durable, hard-wearing, and usually fine for year-round wear. They can be a little lighter or heavier, depending on the weave, but consider them the mid-weights. Ask for them by name.

You might come across a suit that is advertised as a “high-twist,” 100, or Super 110. These are not car races. This just means that the suit is made of a worsted wool yarn that has been twisted more often than the usual 60-80 twist fabrics. This makes it a finer cloth of a somewhat lighter weight. Such suits would be perfectly fine, therefore, for spring, summer, and fall, but might not carry you through the winter. In this case, we urge you to consider the local climate when making purchasing decisions.

The mid-weights are best overall, especially with the usual “air-conditioned-car-ride-into-the-air-conditioned-office” venture that most people have in summer. And if you will be visiting a lot of clients or doing hefty traveling, you will need this kind of durable fabric which will stand up to the extra wear, but not be too hot.

So, if the wool is extremely fine (whatever the garment), you’re good to go and you’ll stay cool doing it.

Thanks for reading,
The Very Woolly Steve Singer
(also CEO Hartford York)

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