Broad Brim Hats Potential Cure for Disopiaephobia

Straw Panama Hats from Hartford York Hats - Men's Panama Hat - The Christys' Broad Brim Safari HatIf you are afraid of hats, (ie., afraid to wear them or afraid of other people who wear them), you may well be suffering from disopiaephobia.

According to, this rare condition afflicts two in every million people and you’ll know you’re one of the chosen if you fear anything that comes within your peripheral vision. So a hat seen glimpsed from corner of your eye (whether in a shop, on someone’s head or even an image on a computer screen) might become a feared object if you have disopiaephobia.

Although a cure is not stated on the Gullible website, I would like to offer a preventive course of action. Before you become too afraid, buy a hat with a nice, broad brim. You will then be able to block peripheral vision whenever necessary with a simple tilt of the head.

(Plus, you’d look really cool.)

You’re welcome,
Steve Singer, Mastermind
and CEO Hartford York

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