Play With Proportion When You Put On Your Hat

Panama Hats and Apparel from Hartford York Hats - Nat Nast Really Big Floral Cotton Shirt - Men's Borsalino Handwoven Straw Panama Hat - The Panama FinoSummer’s all about beaches and straw, weaves and waves. And it’s all about proportion too, when you think about it. (And I did.)

Like when the ladies are choosing their swim wear, they accentuate certain bits and not others. It’s kind of the same idea with hats. If you’ve got a great big brim on top of your head, your shirt should balance the look, either by being rather fitted (like a tee shirt) or tailored with sleek lines.

The pattern and colors of the shirt (or blouse for that matter) can certainly be wild, wacky and summertime brilliant – if your hat is a solid color. It’s form we’re talking about here.

The model in this shot is wearing a loose shirt, unbuttoned, very flowing, which nicely balances the rather severe brim of his panama hat. You realize, of course, that I’m the body-double in the picture…*cough*

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
Work Out King and
CEO Hartford York

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