Plant A Tree For National Hat Day (or Arbor Day)

Straw Hats from Hartford York Hats - Men's Straw Scala Outback - The Scala AveryThe National Arbor Foundation ( says that the most common date for observance of National Arbor Day across the U.S. is the last Friday in April, and several U.S. presidents have proclaimed a national Arbor Day on that date. But a number of state Arbor Days are at other times to coincide with the best tree planting weather, from January and February in the south to May in the far north.

So don’t be surprised if you’re in Alaska next month, and see everybody out planting trees: Arbor Day in that state is the third Monday in May. If the need to plant trees springs upon you in mid-January, you’re in luck: the third Friday of that month has been declared Arbor Day in Louisiana.

If you think that’s confusing, National Arbor Day can be a week long, and is on different dates around the world. China‘s tree planting day is March 12, while in Tasmania, it’s some time in October.

I’m seeing a method in this mayhem here. Some planning guru’s got tree-planting advocates running all over the globe trying to catch up with all the tree-planting dates, and greening the globe as they trot.

Hey, that sounds like a pretty good marketing ploy. . . . .by the way, did you know that today’s National Hat Day? Oh yes! Absolutely. And don’t worry if you missed it — it’s a new holiday, and it lasts all year.

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Steve Singer, Marketing Genius,
CEO Hartford York

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