A Real-Life Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones Fedora Hats at Hartford York Hats - Men's Indiana Jones Oiled Cloth Hat - The Indy DownpourIt’s not just the hat that makes swashbuckling, cowboy-hatted Josh Bernstein (star of Digging for the Truth on the History Channel) a real-life modern-day Indiana Jones.

A New York Times article called Did Somebody Say Indiana Jones? says this is a man whose anthropological travels have taken him through almost 40 countries, and across some 500,000 miles. He’s recovered from food poisoning and chigger bites in Peru and swam through shark-infested waters off Easter Island. All in a day’s work, according to Mr. Bernstein, with no two days the same.

The Cornell graduate hosted Digging For The Truth for three seasons, exploring mysteries like the lost cities of Atlantis and El Dorado. He traveled to locations by camel or paraglider or with oxygen tanks and flippers, sometimes braving natural disasters and parasites.

Now that Digging is done, he’s got a new program beginning in January on The Discovery Channel, which will include Indy’s – I mean, Mr. Bernstein’s – usual pursuits of anthropological and archaeological subjects, as well as another of his passions, the environment.

I, for one, will be watching. And–hey, Josh!–if you need an assistant, I must tell you that I cut a fine figure in my Indiana Jones hat, too.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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