Donate Your Old Hats For A Good Cause

Baseball Caps from Hartford York Hats - Men's Indiana Jones Ball Cap - The Indy AdventureThere’s a young teen in Michigan who is battling cancer. He’s decided that lots of other kids in his predicament probably needs hats just like he did when going through chemotherapy, so he’s decided two things:

  1. to collect enough hats to break the current record; and then
  2. to deliver these hats to other kids with cancer.

How can you help? By sending TJ a hat (or 2) that you don’t wear anymore. You see, he’s got to amass over 83,000 hats to beat the current world record.

And why’s he doing this? His About page says it’s something to keep his mind off his pain, therapy, meds, and tiredness, [and] is also an excellent way to return his heart and kindness back to the world for helping him beat his cancer.

After he claims the record, he wishes to give all the hats back to other children with cancer. TJ wants to travel to the children and distribute the hats to them himself. If you or anyone that you know would like to help our TJ beat that record, we have set up a PO box for you to send the hats to, and he promises to wear them at least once.

We will also get a picture of him wearing each hat and put them here on the web site. TJ will then store them away till the day he has enough hats to claim the record, then begin the final run of his journey by passing them out to kids all around that will then be fighting his same fight against cancer.

Go, TJ!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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