How You Wear A Hat Is As Important As the Hat Itself

Women's Summer Sun Hats from Hartford York Hats - Women's Scala Paper Braid Sunhat - The LaurenBrooke Jaffe, InStyle’s accessories editor, says people have to learn how to shop for hats, and gives the following tips:

1. Check out your hat while looking in a full-length mirror because you need to see how the hat works in proportion to your entire body, not just the head.

2. Don’t put the hat straight up and down on your head. The face is asymmetrical, Jaffe notes, and you have to tilt a hat to the side to make it work. That’s how Jessica Simpson and Nicole Richie wear them.

3. For the hat novice, Jaffe says a dark-or neutral-colored fedora or bucket hat is a good starting point. “A floppy hat will draw more attention,” she says.

4. Consider your own size when thinking about brim size. Width often corresponds to the wearer’s height: shorter people in fitted hats that are closer to the head and taller people in big brims.

Hat designer Eugenia Kim adds that “There’s a juxtaposition of casual and dressy. For the 20-something [woman] who wants to wear a cloche, don’t wear it with a dress, wear it with jeans.”

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source: The Courier News


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