Clean Your Felt Hat Before Storing It

Walking Hats from Hartford York Hats - Men's Cubavera Paper Briad Walking HatNow that it’s time for straw and linen hats, you can store your fur felt and wool felt fedoras for the season.

If you make sure you clean your felt hats thoroughly before putting them away, you should be able to pull them out next season and wear them immediately without any fuss.

There are two ways to remove dust from a fur or wool felt hat. The first is to use a soft-bristled brush to brush your hat (you risk tearing the felt if you use a brush with hard or stiff bristles). The brush should be dark, if the hat is dark and vice versa.

When you brush, start with the left side of your hat and move in a counter-clockwise direction. Use the same motion for both the brim and the crown of the hat. Don’t forget to flip your hat over and brush the underside of the brim, in this case using a clockwise stroke.

The second method of cleaning your felt hat is to gently rub the hat with a damp towel, again using a counterclockwise circular motion, while the underside of the brim is treated in the opposite direction.

If your hat’s got a blemish (or a crease you’d like to smooth out), steam is your friend. By carefully holding your hat over a kettle of boiling water, you can focus a line of steam onto the wrinkle or stain you wish to dampen before brushing or smoothing out with your hands.

Remember: steaming your hands is fun, but not absolutely necessary.

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