Does The Hat Make The Holiday?

Fedora Hats from Hartford York Hats - Men's Brent Black Handwoven Straw Fedora Panama Hat - The Montecristi AficionadoAn age-old question, this.

Does what you wear have any bearing whatever on the holiday at hand? Weather aside, do you make certain hat-wearing decisions based on the fact that it’s Easter and not, say, Memorial Day or July 4th or Christmas?

Most of us who observe ‘holy days’ (holidays with a religious basis) certainly tend to dress more formally on those occasions than when celebrating Labor Day, so it seems safe to assume that the hats we wear are reflect that tendency.

Certainly, there are some hats that truly fit any occasion (and no, it’s not a baseball cap, you whippersnapper over there in the corner) – it’s the fedora, of course: in fur felt when it’s cold; in straw when it’s warm. This is a hat that takes on your attitude and reflects your style of dress – go ahead, try it. First, slouch in your fedora and then stand respectfully; put it on with a t shirt and jeans, then with a dress shirt and slacks. See?

What a hat!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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