Top Men’s Hats in Different Price Categories

Caps from Hartford York Hats - Men's Ivy Cap - The Scala Ascot Ivy CapWell, well, well. I’ve been asked to make a decision. A customer called for a couple of recommendations on the best hats in various price ranges. Didn’t mention a style, mind you – didn’t ask me for the best cowboy hat under $50 (Toby Keith) or the best Panama hat under $700 (The Montecristi Classic).

Nope, this guy wants an general recommendation.

So I start low, thinking that there are fewer items in that category, which should make the choice easier. I begin with the $25 Scala Ascot Ivy Cap in twisted seagrass, and The Chad, a $30 cotton ivy dress cap. And then I stop. Why?

Because in all good conscience, I can’t recommend one cap over the other any more than you can tell your kid that you like your other kid better. This ain’t just apples and oranges here, folks.

Of course, I didn’t blow the guy off completely. I told him that there’s simply no choice to be made, now that I’ve got the best Montecristi Panama hat in the world in my (gloved) hands. His reaction was fantastic. He heard the price and simply fainted away.

Thanks for playing,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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