Subliminal Advertising In My Hat

Cowboy Hats from Hartford York Hats - Toby Keith Western Hat - The Toby Keith Raffia OutbackSeems a study shows that people are able to subconsciously register an image even when they can’t see it or are unaware of the visual stimulation caused by the image. However, says Steve Connor, Science Editor at The Independent in his article called Subliminal messages do reach your brain – but you won’t know it, “some degree of attention is needed by the brain to register a subliminal image. If the brain is too busy doing something else, the image has no effect on it.”

This (and the revelation that the famed drink more Coke subliminal messages aimed at movie goers some 50 years ago was a hoax) is astounding.

As I see it, you need two things for a successful subliminal message campaign: the first is to engage the conscious mind in something easy (like reading this post); the second, have an image posted for the subconscious to look at (like the image of a hat).

HA! I’ve been playing with your minds all along people. How many of you out there are in hats? Come on, raise your hands!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer, The Subliminal
CEO Hartford York

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