Straw Hats From Easter To Labor Day

Straw Hats from Hartford York Hats - Men's Scala Fedora - The GuayaquilI have no idea if the old rule of thumb (that you can wear straw hats from Easter til Labor Day and then it’s fur and felt hats for the rest of the year) still stands.

However, when I was at the airport the other day and saw some out-of-season bronzed bodies walk by, with jaunty straw caps atop their vacation sun-kissed curls, I admit to a small smirk. I mean, the hats were great – don’t get me wrong. It’s just that they were evocative of summer in my stuck-in-winter mind-set, and the straw caps jarred me, even more than their tanned skin.

I fear I’m becoming stuck in somebody else’s arbitrary rut, and have resolved to don my new straw cap just as soon as the possibility of frostbite eases. Throw inhibition to the winds, I say! Who’s with me?

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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  1. This is quite interesting to read and thanks for sharing with us…and well since Easter is also coming in a while do drop by my blog on Easter Wishes sometime and enjoy all the fun and laughter it’s filled up with!!!

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