Get Your Authentic Montecristi Panama Hat Before It’s Too Late

Straw Hats from Hartford York Hats - The Montecristi Panama Hat - The $10K MontecristiCheap Chinese copies may sound death knell of the panama, that iconic white hat with black silk band, warns journalist Christian Oliver, reporting from Cuenca (the capital of the Panama hat industry), for The Scotsman.

He says that “cheap Chinese copies are devouring the market and only a few nimble-fingered villagers still know the art of weaving.” Hatmakers in Cuenca and the Pacific coast town of Montecristi (where the superfino is made) agree that the industry is in sharp decline.

In the article, Oliver says the superfino, which is the finest type of Panama hat, is so finely woven that its fabric looks as smooth as a cotton and is a hat that can fetch thousands of dollars.

The story goes you can fill a superfino with water and not a drop will pass through. Rolled up, it should pass through a wedding ring.

He quotes an 81-year-old weaver, working in the mountains north of Cuenca as saying “there are only six or seven people who still know how to make the real superfinos.”

What a great loss it would be of an intricate art form and tradition. I hope reports like this will somehow help keep it alive.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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