Handle Your Crabby Man

Hartford York Hats and Caps - Men's Indiana Jones Ball Cap -The Indy AdventureGosh, I had no idea there was a whole iVillage Love&Sex section called Understanding Men. I thought it was guys who never understood women! But apparently we’re more complex than previously thought.

There are even sub-sections involved here like: What He’s Thinking, Why He Does That, What Guys Want and Why We Love Them.

In an article called Handling a Crabby Man (I don’t know, it caught my eye), readers suggest how they jolly their spouse, trying everything from the silent treatment to making him exercise (!) or by giving him a load of Swedish brownies. My favorite (after the brownies), is the lady who says:

Try walking in naked with a six pack. That usually cheers my husband up when he’s crabby!

Hey! This is one understanding woman, and if I might just toss a hat somewhere in there (use your imagination, people), we’re basically on the road to world peace.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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