The Hat is Officially Back (Has It Ever Really Been Gone?)

Hartford York Hats - Winter Hats - Fur Bomber and Trooper Styles - Women's Bomber Hat - The Coyote BomberStyle Editor Kim Crow of N.Y. Fashion Week says:

the hottest look this wintry [fashion] week [in New York] – and I do mean hot – is a huge furry hat, the taller the better. With wind chills dipping below zero here, every chicette worth her Choos is sporting the Nanook of the North vibe. They come as tall stovepipes, flap-eared trapper hats or stuffed-mushroom button caps. Some are simply fur-lined nylon and wool, but mostly they’re mink, raccoon, sable or muskrat in all their glory, worn by men and women alike.

The title of her article (Check out the hats and the bags: audiences themselves cue us in) pretty much sums up the world of fashion. It’s from watching regular people, such as audience members coming in from the cold to watch the fashion shows last week in NY, who’ll let those in the business know what they want to wear.

Now designers will put their spin on hats, and we’ll all have fun.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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