Plant One Tree For Every Flight You Take – Save The World

Hartford York Hats - Perry Ellis Bucket Hat - Men's Bucket Hat with warm quilted micro-fleece liningWell, now here’s something interesting on the environmental front, reported by Good News Daily. For about $20 US, it seems a British site called will plant one tree in designated forests in Wales on behalf of concerned airline passengers.

This is an effort not only to offset carbon emissions produced by flights, and tackle climate change, but also to keep a natural resource – wood – available for future generations.

The article continues:

“The whole world is looking for a solution to the biggest problem we’ve ever faced,” Ru Hartwell, founder of Treeflights, told the Washington Post. “I seem to have stumbled across something that could help and is easy to understand.”

While the long lifecycle of trees means that planting them now will not have an immediate effect, Mr Hartwell states on the website that “the most important thing to understand about tree-planting is that you are not doing it for yourself, but to help people in the future”.

This has inspired me greatly, and being the hands-on kind of guy that you know me to be, I’ll be in my garden at the first sign of spring, planting my own little forest of oak, wild cherry, ash, willow, black poplar and beech trees. Trowel in hand, bucket hat on head, I’ll be doing my part to save the world.

How ’bout it people, are you with me?

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer, Forest Ranger
CEO Hartford York

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  1. Hi Steve,

    Ru here. Thanks for the positive write up. We’ll stick in a couple more oaks for ya, over here in the Welsh mountains!



  2. Thanks for that, Ru. You’ve got a great idea there – global issues are so overwhelming that many of us tend to feel helpless.

    Your service does two things: gives people the opportunity to actively do something positive; and gives readers incentive to make the effort right here in our own backyards.

    Congratulations and best of luck,

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