It’s Tuque Tuesday Today

Hartford York Hats - Winter Hats - Unisex Alpaca Hand Knit Watch Cap - The Aran Alpaca Solid Cap from Inis MeainDon’t forget to wear your tuque today, toots. I understand that (up in the Canadian wilds of Newfoundland at least), it’s Tuque Tuesday, a day to raise awareness of the plight of homeless people.

As you may or may not know, the noun is pronounced ‘tük or ‘tyük, and it’s from the French “toque”, meaning a warm knitted cap (something people wear a lot in our own northern States too).

There’s a very smart, funny and interesting 2003 article by award-winning Globe and Mail journalist, Roy MacGregor, about this unique form of headwear. He says:

Like all those who come from the northern parts of this northern land, I was born with a tuque on and have worn one faithfully each winter since. I have been told I look like a knob, a loser, a goof and a hoser…

He doesn’t care if you don’t like his tuque, but he does wonder why the image issue seems to be a uniquely Canadian problem, musing that

While any number of world celebrities have been captured in tuques — singer Enrique Iglesias, explorer Jacques Cousteau, U2 guitarist The Edge, actors Robert De Niro and Jack Nicholson — the only Canadian faces that leap immediately to mind when tuques are mentioned are Bob and Doug McKenzie, the original hosers.

Like Mr. MacGregor, I am of the opinion that (as he says):

The tuque, symbol of Canadian Common Sense, deserves better from its country.

Canada needs us, people! Pull your tuques. Show a little tuque solidarity! Toot your tuque!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
Card-Carrying Hoser
(and CEO of Hartford York, of course)

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