Hat Naps

Hartford York Hats - Hats for Men and Women - Cowboy Hats - Men's Milano Fur Felt Dress Western Hat - The El PresidenteEveryone needs their beauty sleep, but apparently the French need a little bit extra – a wee nap during work hours.

Don’t laugh (or cry). An article at HappyNews says the Minister of Health, Xavier Bertrand, says he’ll promote on-the-job naps if they prove useful.

Useful. Well, I suppose if my employees were partying all night, sure, then daytime naps (on my dime) might come in “useful“. Or let’s say they’ve got a big date that night, and just want to rest up for the event – sure, go right ahead – snooze off during our marketing session, that’s pretty “useful“.

I know someone who’s napping right now – and obviously talking in his sleep while he’s at it.

Monsieur Bertrand, there’s a saying here in America that might be apropos: to wit, you’re talking through your hat, sir.

Thanks for reading,
Steve (Four Hours a Night) Singer
CEO Hartford York

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