Multi-tasking In My Hat

Hartford York Hats - Winter Hats for Men and Women - Men's Borsalino Trooper - The TomascioApparently, when U.S. drivers drive, they eat, shave, email — oh, and drive. Well, that’s according to a Reuters Life! article, anyway.

If you’re a typical driver, then you’re likely one of the “81 percent of Americans [who] do more than drive when they’re behind the wheel” in addition to adjusting the radio or music. For example,

-73 percent of us talk on the phone;
-68 percent eat;
-19 percent send text messages;
– 5 percent check their e-mail;
-19 percent fix their hair;
-12 percent put on makeup;
– 2 percent shave.

Okay, I admit to spending most of my downtime admiring myself – and my hat, at every angle – in the rearview. But only when at a stoplight or when traffic’s backed up. I guess there’s something to be said for the occasional traffic jam!

Seriously, though, driving while distracted is hazardous. I know that I’m not helping the situation when I wear one of my collection of Borsalinos or whatever – I see the reactions of wonder (and envy) in other drivers, which might possibly lead to pile-ups.

But you can’t make me stop wearing my hats when I drive.

I’m pretty sure I have some kind of constitutional protection in this somewhere, and I’ll go all the way on this one. Oh, yeah.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
A Man, A Car, A Hat
and CEO Hartford York

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