Will You Be Punting in Oxford for Valentine’s Day?

Hartford York Hats - Men's Scala Straw Boater Hat - The BoaterFebruary 14th isn’t long off, and darned if I just mightn’t make good on the Jolly Old England hints which have been lobbed (with increasing frequency and even accompanied by wee threats) at me by my S.O. (significant other).

An article in The Cincinnati Enquirer called Isn’t it romantic? – Oxford has places and pastimes to please sweethearts lists 14 romantic Oxford moments, including:

Toast each other in a cozy nook at the Turf Tavern, where actors Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton often lifted a glass, and the Crown Prince of Japan courted his future wife. The Turf proudly proclaims that “liquid-based activitys (sic) were certainly occurring on this site” by the 13th century, and promises each new generation of Oxford students “an education in intoxication.” Bill Clinton studied the Turf’s lessons while he was a Rhodes Scholar at University College.


Some say commitment is a prison sentence, so why not serve some of it in maximum-security luxury? The old “A” wing of the Oxford Prison, itself part of the 11th-century Oxford Castle, has been transformed into the hip Malmaison Hotel. Three cells were combined to form each guest room, with the old brickwork and fortified doors. Downstairs, a few cells have been retained — peek into one to appreciate your comfy bed even more.

Anyone know what the bloody weather’s like this time of year across the pond?

Ta for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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