Will You Have Deja Vu Tomorrow?

Hartford York Hats - Cowboy and Western Hats - Men's Wool Felt Outback - The Toby Keith Wool Felt OutbackAssociated Press recently published an article citing study findings that amnesia (which prevents people from remembering the past) can also cause sufferers to become incapable of visualizing the future.

When patients were asked “to imagine and describe plausible situations” or “a future meeting with a friend”, they were unable to do so. Dr. Eleanor Maguire of University College London says that people amnesia with are thus “forced to live in the present.”

Well, I don’t have amnesia, but if somebody asked me to imagine a future without hats in it, I’d be hard-pressed. I don’t mean the future of the world in general here; I mean, if you wanted me to describe a future meeting with a friend, I’d most likely start right off with talking about that person’s hat:

EXAMPLE Okay, my imaginary future meeting will take place when I just happen to be in Oklahoma. Since I’m there, I’d probably pop in to see Toby Keith, you know, the superstar country singer with the best cowboy hats in the world, and he’d be wearing his famous Outback – exactly the same hat I’ve seen him onstage with and wearing at photo ops. It’s a great wool felt outback with a 3 3/4 inch shapeable brim, elasticized sweatband with braided suede and signature concho band . . .

So, doctor, that part of the brain you were talking about – the one that visualizes images both past and present (I think you called it the hippoptamus) – well, mine may be broke, but I don’t want it fixed.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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