Excuse Me, But May I Scan Your Brain?

Hartford York Hats - Men's Leather Trooper Hat - The Muskrat Trooper Winter Hat

Scientists can now look into the brains of people making a purchase decision and predict whether or not they will buy.

So says a Reuters Health article Brain Scans Predict Shoppers’ Purchasing Choices. Whoa, that’s a bit intrusive, wouldn’t you say? Maybe they’re carrying that Big Brother concept a bit far, huh?

Of course, as an e-retailer, perhaps I should be a bit more supportive of the technology. Yeah, maybe I should lobby for little scanners to be secretly imbedded into your computer monitors. And then when you look at a hat, I’ll know if you want to buy it.

Of course, I already do know when you want to buy a hat, because….well, you look at it and buy it.

Rats. Never did like that George Orwell guy. . .highly overrated in my opinion. . .

Oh, well.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer – Little Brother
and CEO Hartford York

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