The Power Of Quality – It’s Very European

Hartford York Hats - Men's Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Gentleman's Sheared All Beaver TrooperFocusOnStyle‘s Sharon Haver talks about “French chic” in her Paris Street Style article, covering everything casual sophistication (as opposed to sloppy comfort) to how important a good fit is.

She also talks about the importance of quality, saying “They also understand the power of quality. Europeans usually don’t suffer the same fashion victim overindulgence as Americans do and feel compelled to buy every trend simply because it is in style. They buy what suits them in the best quality that they can afford. French chic is not a matter of having it all, but a matter of having the best of all that you need. Fashion is like food for the Parisian. You don’t go to a massive supermarket and load up on super-sized containers of all the groceries that you can cram into your SUV. You buy fresh ingredients from small, specialty shops and carry them home — less is more discerning.”

It’s true, you know. The old adage “you get what you pay for” is quite apropos here – quality costs, but it also shows. And having the best isn’t unattainable. Like any collection, a good wardrobe (or selection of hats) should be built up slowly, and with care, over time.

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Steve Singer, La Chic
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