Free Will is an Illusion

Hartford York Hats - Men's Borsalino Trooper - The TomascioA bevy of experiments in recent years suggest that the conscious mind is like a monkey riding a tiger of subconscious decisions and actions in progress, frantically making up stories about being in control. So says Dennis Overbye in his New York Times article, Free Will: Now You Have It, Now You Don’t.

What a relief.

At long last, I know the scientific reason behind why I am unable to leave the house without a hat. Like Mr. Overbye who, when faced with a dessert menu, experiences a collapse of the “whole chain of cause and effect in the history of the universe”, I am utterly predestined to wear a hat while outside (and as often as possible, while indoors as well).

Although not as threatening to artery or waistline, my own slavish pre-programming does have its downsides. The cat calls and whistles plus the pressure to wear just the right headwear for the occasion can be a bit of a bear at times.

I’ve decided to do like Einstein who said: “This knowledge of the non-freedom of the will protects me from losing my good humor and taking much too seriously myself and my fellow humans as acting and judging individuals.”

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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