Are You One of the 1.5 Million Wearing MisMatched Socks Today?

Hartford York Hats - Men's Tommy Bahama Cotton/Nylon Socks - The Classic SocksIf you’re wearing a pair of socks that don’t match, it seems that you’ve got company. According to GullibleInfo, “on any given day, one out of every 20 people is wearing mismatched socks.”

Hmmm, that’s 5% of the population – let’s see, with an estimated 300,898,290 people in the United States today, that means about 1.5 million Americans are wearing a pair of mismatched socks right now.

Look down.

Are you one of them?

What interests me most is the reasons behind the mismatches – some people do it on purpose (call it style or total lack of it) and some because they make an honest mistake on a rushed morning.

Some though are uncomfortably “forced” into the mismatch – faced with the choice of wearing a mismatched pair of clean socks or a matching pair of dirty socks. You can usually pick these guys out a block away: they’re walking sort of like ducks, knees bent to increase trouser length for maximum ankle coverage; and they tend to avoid stairwells, walking great distances to ride elevators up one floor.

Avoid embarrassment. Stock up on socks today, I say. And keep an emergency pair – unwrapped – in your drawer. Someday you’ll thank me.

You’re welcome,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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