Impulse Buying – Study Says Blame Your Brain

Hartford York Hats - M. Miller Persian Lambs Wool Hat - The AmbassadorWhat a way to ring out the old! Great breaking end-of-year news: you never have to feel guilty again about indulging in your impulse-buying gotta-have-it lifestyle.

I was doing a little easy reading (The Journal of Neuroscience), my way of resting up for the festivities tonight, and came across this startling bit of research: that activity in the ventral striatum, a core component of the brain’s reward circuitry, correlated with individuals’ impulsiveness.

Whaddya mean, so? Read the translation – this “new imaging study shows that our brains react with varying sensitivity to reward and suggests that people most susceptible to impulse – those who need to buy it, eat it, or have it, now – show the greatest activity in a reward center of the brain.”

Reseachers say the findings have far-reaching implications for our current and future well-being (yada yada yada), but – as usual – I’m cutting to the meat of the matter. Go ahead. Impulse shop til ya drop. There’s nothin’ you can do about it – you’re hard-wired, baby.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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