Light Therapy for Dark Winter Moods

Hartford York Hats - Women's Faux Fur Coat - The Vintage Valley Hooded CoatMornings and early afternoons as dark as midnight – that’s what many northerners face when winter sets in. And more than the bitter cold, it’s the dark that’ll drive people into depression.

People in Stockholm have the Igloo Cafe for light therapy, where they bask in intense indirect light to counter the effects of SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder). If you don’t have a coffee shop that serves up rays with your morning joe, try heading outside for a half-hour walk when the sun is shining.

Doctors also suggest treating yourself a little more gently during the dark days of winter – using candles in your home; splurging on a bit of chocolate – whatever elevates your mood.

Okay, that’s good advice – but I’ve gotta tell you that I’d opt for a light-colored hat, myself.

Yup, instead of risking burning my house down or getting all fat (and really depressed), I’d slap the ol’ Tomascio atop my head and start smiling.

Face it, it’s hard to be depressed when you look just so darn good.

Thanks for reading,
The Very Good Looking
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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