A Little Gift For You, Kaizen

Hartford York Hats - Women's M. Miller Fur Muff - The Fox Barrel MuffThere’s a Japanese approach to problem solving called kaizen, where you implement simple small steps in order to realize your ultimate goal.

So, instead of attempting to create radical change that you won’t be able to keep up with and sustain over time, the kaizen method is to implement easy actions which lead, over time, toward continuous improvement.

For example, to control the amount you eat this holiday season, you might decide to eat one bite less of dessert each time you have a treat. To reduce stress levels, you can simply take 15 seconds in the bathroom every day to breathe deeply three times.

That’s all you have to do. Take one tiny step whether it’s a new thought, or a new action, and over time, the change will occur.

I’ve always advised people who feel funny wearing hats to do that – start small, with a baseball cap or newsboy, and move up slowly in stages to a fedora or cowboy hat. Course once they’re looking comfortable in a panama, they never give me any credit – just lie and say they always loved hats. But I’m a forgiving kind of guy–I hardly ever make prank calls to them anymore, pretending I’m Toby Keith, asking them for advice on how to wear a western hat.

Thanks for reading,
Steve (The Prankster) Singer
CEO Hartford York

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