‘Tips’ to Staying Healthy This Winter

Hartford York Hats - Men's and Women's Winter Hats, Gloves, Apparel and AccessoriesSeems that common sense has completely disappeared now. It’s been on the wane for quite some time, of course, but this item from Yahoo Health News confirms that we’re all drooling idiots. Look at this (and I quote):

(HealthDay News) — Winter weather brings a host of opportunities for illness or injury. Here are some suggestions on how to stay healthy this winter, courtesy of the Pennsylvania Department of Health:

• Dress warmly whenever you head outside in extremely cold weather. Remember to wear a hat, scarf, gloves, and coat.
• Since cold weather strains the body — particularly the heart — be sure not to overexert yourself. If you have to do strenuous activity outside, take frequent breaks.
• Pay attention to the wind chill to prevent frostbite or losing too much body heat.
• Watch out for ice and snow that could cause you to fall.

That is just ridiculous content and extremely insulting. Who doesn’t know to dress warmly when it’s cold outside? And anyone who walks on ice deliberately obviously knows the so-called ‘risks’.

The only line worthy of noting is the one that “cold weather strains the body — particularly the heart.”

And then there’s the obvious warning they missed: reading uber-redundant material drives normally mild-mannered gentlepersons to rant; and to the use of sarcasm; and to incidences of high blood pressure.

Deep breath, everyone.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
The Highly Irked
CEO of Hartford York

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