Do You Live in One of the Top 10 Happiest Nations in the World?

Hartford York Winter Hats - Crown Cap Fur Trooper Hat - The Fox Leather TrooperWell, you do if you live in Canada. You know, the land of hats.

A University of Leicester psychologist has produced the first ever ‘world map of happiness‘ based on the findings of over 100 different studies around the world, which questioned 80,000 people worldwide.

Not surprisingly, people in countries with good healthcare, a higher GDP per captia, and access to education were much more likely to report being happy.

The 20 happiest nations in the World are:

1. Denmark (top land o hats)
2. Switzerland (yodels of hats here)
3. Austria (more hats, some with points)
4. Iceland (furry hats)
5. The Bahamas (straw hats)
6. Finland (warm fuzzy hats)
7. Sweden (hand knitted hats)
8. Bhutan (fibre hats – thought you had me, huh?)
9. Brunei (see above)
10. Canada (chillin hats)

Other notable results include:

23. USA
35. Germany
41. UK
62. France
82. China
90. Japan
125. India
167. Russia

Of course, the study makes no mention of the hat connection, but then I didn’t expect that. It’s the conspiracy factor at work – keep the masses under control by depressing them with lack of hats. Oh, yeah.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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