Does Your Camel Run Away With Your Hat?

Hartford York Cowboy and Western Hats - Men's Wool Felt Cattleman - The Toby Keith CattlemanWell, it happened again. Training for next week’s race in Dubai, and Oscar (my camel) went nuts and ran off. It’s not funny — he’s hitting 43+ mph regularly now and I’m starting to have trouble keeping up with him.

What’s worse is he’s taken to whipping my hat off my head and carrying it away with him.

So after careful consultation (another in-depth article at WikiHow, How to Regain Control of a Spooked Camel), I’ve come to the conclusion that Oscar is simply a steed after my own heart.

He’s a hat lover, just looking for a hat he can call his own.

How do I know this for sure? How do I know he’s not some wild and crazy camel, who loves to tease real-rodeo-rejects by running away with their cowboy hats?

No teeth marks, people. No drool.

Yup. You can’t push the wool over this man’s hat, I’ll tell ya!

Thanks for reading,
The Ever Swaggerin’

Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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