Brits Advised To Wear Hats to Bed

Hartford York Hats for Men and Women - Stetson Cashmere And Mouton Trooper - The TrapperA major power company in Britain actually issued a statement in which it advised customers to keep their children warm at night by “getting them to wear socks and a hat in bed during the coldest nights, and taking a hot water bottle or microwavable rice cloth bag to bed“.

Now, I made a silly post a few days back about wearing hats in the house to save on energy bills – but this is ridiculous.

Let’s just say the worst happens – the hot water bottle leaks. Do you have any idea what damage might occur to a lovely 100% cashmere hat? The fibers could swell and threaten the very shape of the hat!

And what’s this nonsense about microwavable rice cloth bag? I’d never even heard of them before – I had to do extensive research. Seems (at its simplest) it’s uncooked rice in a sock. When heated, it can replace a conventional hot water bottle.

That’s okay, I suppose. but what if the sock has a hole in it? And with all the tossing and turning of trying to stay warm, you wake up to find grains of rice poking holes all through your hat?

I say, people! A stiff upper lip, and all that. Blast the heat, stop eating if you must to pay the skyrocketing energy bills – but keep your hats safe.

Thank you for reading,
An Exhausted Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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