Enduring Winters With Enduring Head Warming Hats

Hartford York Hats and Accessories for Men and Women - Men's Borsalino Wool Newsboy Cap - The Mario With EarflapsIn northern climes, bright red ears (and matching noses) are a sure sign of mid-autumn. For some, of course, the Rudolph-like nose color might be related to a slight over-indulgence in spiked hot toddies, but…I digress.

Yes, we are now well into the time of year when pumpkins rule, dentists gloat and mothers everywhere mysteriously lose white bedsheets (which inevitably reappear after Trick or Treat, with eyeholes cut out).

You’ll also see wise men in earflaps. It’s true. Real men of every age are staving off the pain of chilled lobes by donning woolen tweed caps with built-in, drop-down earflaps. And why, you might ask? Because we’ve finally learned our lesson: we’ve become SENSITIVE. May not be quite the sensitivity you gals had in mind, but there ya go.

Put that in yer hat and stir it!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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