Your Chinese Fortune in a Hat

Hartford York Hats and Accessories for Men and Women - Men's Leather Cap - The Leather Greek FishermanNothing like a good Chinese Fortune – you know, the kind with the cookies. You can give the ones you don’t like a solid Bronx cheer, and magnify (maybe frame) those that are obviously dead on (“You will be filthy rich very soon.”)

I found a place where they sell fortune cookies in bulk. (It’s a bit like finding out Santa’s elves are really Mattel robotics, but anyhoo). What I do is eat the cookies (did you expect something else?), carefully nibbling around the fortune-imprinted paper, and sort the results.

Here are some examples:

The fortune filed under Sensititve: Appreciate the caring people who surround you.

(used in Hallmark cards, as off-the-cuff but always sage advice, etc.).

Under Insults To People Who Insult Me First: He who throws dirt is losing ground.

(good for responding to bill collectors and waiting for hordes of the envious).

Under Answer To Is This The Right Hat For Me?: Pay attention to your intuition.

(no explanation required here).

Believe in yourself and have a good one!

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer, Mr. Confucius
CEO Hartford York

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