What Hat Do You Wear to Amazing Maize Mazes?

Hartford York Hats and Accessories for Men and Women - Men's Christys' Wool Tweed Walking Hat - The LelandI’ve been invited to a farm.

Normally this would have me questioning the quality of the relationship, and I’d be asking loaded questions in an attempt to ascertain ulterior motives, but because our get-together is a annual family event, the invite might actually be on the up and up.

Then comes the crucial question: what hat might be appropriate when lost in the bowels of an extensive system of tunnels and paths? Hopefully, I won’t have another panic attack and need to send up my for-emergency-only bright red helium HELP ME balloon.

No, this year’s harvest event calls for a warm hat that exudes casual elegance and a touch of flippancy. After all, with my hand-drawn reconnaissance map secreted away in the satin lining of my hat, I intend to finally get my hands on that family heirloom: the Field of Ears Champion trophy. And boy will I look good on the podium. In my Leland hat.

Wish me luck.
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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