Ode to the Cowboy Hat

Hartford York Hats and Accessories for Men and Women - Men's Milano Fur Felt Dress Western Hat - The Casablanca Fur FeltBeth, a Christian mom and blogger from Texas now living in South Carolina, says in her post Real Men Wear Cowboy Hats that in real Texan towns, you see cowboy everywhere – and she misses them.


It’s what they say about the man, whether true deep down or not. These Texas gentlemen will actually take them off when they meet a lady, go inside a building or church, and take them off when eating. They’ll also tip them at a lady as a sign of respect, even when driving. Respect, even regardless of hat-hair. They’ll even open doors for you. Doors, when they’re around, will not smack you in the face.

I miss that here in the South. Women typically have to open the doors themselves or watch out for one banging in their face, or stand there as a doorstop waiting for some guy to come on through.

The men here are nice, especially the older Southern gentlemen, don’t get me wrong, but they won’t take off their ball caps anywhere, anyhow, even in church. They leave them on in restaurants, in buildings, and when speaking to a lady. It’s hard to see their eyes.

Get your hat on men. We’ve got our marching orders.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York

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