Have You Tried Counting Hats?

Hartford York Hats & Accessories for Men and Women - Crown Cap Fur Hat - The Mink TrooperWell, they’re at it again.

Sleep specialists from Pennsylvania have discovered that “older adults who suffer from insomnia may find it easier to drift off to sleep following brief behavioral therapy [as opposed to ‘an information-only’ group] in which they learn about mechanisms that regulate sleep, factors that influence sleep, and behaviors that promote or interfere with sleep.”

Maybe I’m just less complicated than most, but if I’m ever having trouble catching a little shut-eye, I pull out some of my hat collection onto my bed. I look, I touch, I wear, I talk, I recall fondly – and before long, I’m in dreamland, surrounded by crushable friends.

Hugh Hefner, eat your hat out.

Thanks for reading,
Steve Singer, Sleep Specialist
CEO Hartford York

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