Did You Know…? (a little Cool Quiz hat trivia)

Hartford York Hats & Accessories for Men and Women - Women's Scala Cloche - The Renaissance HatFrom Cool Quiz (the self-proclaimed world’s largest trivia site), here are a couple of hat-related didja ya knows:

Did you know that ladies in Europe took to wearing lightning rods on their hats and trailing ground wires? The fad began after Benjamin Franklin published instructions on how to make them, in his almanac, Poor Richard Improved, in 1753.

(Doesn’t really answer the all-important question of why…)

And did you know that you too can live in a town named after a hat? I found:

  • Cocked Hat, Delaware
  • Hi Hat, Kentucky
  • Mexican Hat, Utah

Gosh, I’m gonna propose a whole slew of new town names! How does Porkpie, Pennsylvania grab ya? And what about Fedora, Florida? Newsboy, Nevada? Cloche, Connecticut?

Oh, I’m on a roll, I tell you. A roll!

Walking Hats, Wyoming.
Trooper, Tennessee.
Cowboy Hat, Colorado.

Thanks for reading,
Steve (Somebody Stop Me) Singer
CEO Hartford York


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