Dancing in Hats

Hartford York Hats - Men's Argentum/Lagomarsino Handwoven Straw Summer Fedora - The Quito HatWomen aren’t the only people who suffer from low self-esteem: sensitive, caring men (you know, me) could also use a boost now and then.

In an article entitled Top 10 to Enjoy a Healthy Self Image, the good people at WomenFitnessNet talk about ways to enhance your uniqueness. They suggest cultivating an interesting personality or experiencing life anew (ie., seek out adventures and take on new challenges).

Although I think I’m pretty good in the interesting personality department (thanks), and the live-life-to-the-fullest section (going on another extended wilderness survival-training course this Labor Day weekend), I do feel a bit fragile in the compliments department.

I get raves on my hats all the time: that’s not the issue. The fedoras, the porkpies, the buckets – it’s all good.

It’s my feet wherein lies my deep-seated insecurity, my personal cross. I’m too upset to continue; I’ll have to leave it at that and hope you understand.

Thanks for reading,
The Very Sensitive
Steve Singer
CEO Hartford York


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